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Movie theater websites broke as soon as the tickets went on sale and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness broke presale records, overtaking Star Wars The Rise of Skywaker in Poland and No Time to Die in Portugal.

Too bad it s not enough to make a film that stands up completely Errors in scenarios and realization are complicated and impossible to be inspired.

How to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness online Free.

Disney could always make changes to the streaming release window for a number of reasons.

The term streaming media can apply to media other than video and audio, such as live closed captioning, ticker tape, and real-time text, which are all considered streaming text.

The film which was released in India today May 6 , is one of the most anticipated Marvel titles.

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But hey, I I m the worst judge because I know what s going on and I understand that as viewers, we all need a moment of respite.

They will then show an epic finale and a big reveal in the post-credits scene, as an unexpected character will appear.

But at the end of the movie there s a kind of propulsion that makes it have a great third act.

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This year, however, Warner Bros.

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That s how Doctor Strange 2 got a May 6th release.

clarification needed Streaming refers to the delivery method of the medium, rather than the medium itself.

MCU movie delays.

Also, HBO Max will no longer be streaming theatrical movies in 2022.

Therefore, we recommend watching the following movies and series, in the order of their release, to have all the necessary information before enjoying Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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While we can see all the installments of Marvel Studios where the character has participated on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

Cast Elizabeth Olsen, Xochitl Gomez, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bruce Campbell.

At this time the number of series and movies that come from the MCU are too many and it seems that running a marathon prior to each major event is becoming more and more complicated.

Doctor Strange 2 movie Download and Review.

its official synopsis.

Doctor Strange 2 Movie Full BDRip is not transcode and can move down for encryption, but BRRip can only go down to SD resolution beca Doctor Strange 2 e they are transcribed.

That means we re three months away from a multiverse adventure that s going to be even bigger than Spider-Man No Way Home.


Absolutely phenomenal. The camera work, the music, the acting it's all great. Elizabeth Olsen is truly great, this is a must-see! The cameo's don't overshadow the actual plot and they don't take too much screen time, speaking of time the pace of this movie is so fast you'll be entertained the whole time!

An extremely average movie. It's not what you'd expect from a movie with the title "Multiverse of Madness."The graphics are bad, the movie jumps from one place to another, the editing is torn in places, the action scenes are bad.

Meh. I'd just pretend this movie never existed. Wandavision was amazing and this movie simply messed it up. Wanda's grief is not something to be toyed by the MCU machine so that they can further expand their universe or what not. It is something that deserves to be honoured with a proper emotional closure. Right now this movie feels inorganic and messy to me, circumventing the hard way of dealing with big emotions - ending with an easy sacrifice that doesn't at all do justice to the events that came before and the nuanced character that is Wanda Maximoff.Dr Strange's plotline was quite flat - agree with others that there's no substantial character development. Should have made this a Scarlet Witch movie because her story had a lot more potential to be good. America Chavez was not given enough reason to trust Doctor Strange on their quest to saving the multiverse.Another thing that bothered me was that this film never showed what the consequences were if one "had tampered with the natural law." Doctor Strange had so many occasions where he had to "tamper with the natural law," and yet he came out as a free man every time with no actual repercussions. Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, tampered with the natural law and was faced with different outcomes. It doesn't seem fair but the film never answered us why it has been unfair between Doctor Strange and Wanda.A 6.3/10. Doctor Strange was essentially carried by Elizabeth Olsen. Enjoyed the score as well. Other things, not so much. At this point MCU movies would benefit from more genuine emotion and character development within each film - rather than trying so hard to carry the franchise forward. It'd make the universe feel more organic.P.s. Moon Knight was so much better!!

It's a sequel movie to WandaVision so, if you've missed it then you better go watch that right now else everything in the movie will not make any sense.But, but, even if you did watch, it's a complete mess -- a multiverse of messiness. Weak storylines, forced witty dialogues + acting is a deal breaker for this now-over-hyped movie.It is a supernatural flick that tries to get a little scary with its horror elements but end up being an unintentional comedy flick.

You are going to need to be up with all the relevant Marvel spin-offs and at that, be a true Marveller to completely appreciate this film's journey. But you can intelligently add bits together to get a sense of story plot and where the other heroes fit into the multiverse from across the decades. It is a good movie which is best appreciated on the big screen.

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!! After waiting and waiting for the sequel to Dr. Strange, I can say I'm a bit disappointed. The villain in the story turned me off, for I feel we have already seen this villain before. Loved all the acting and gore. X. Gomez who plays Chavez love her. A complete waste of some very special characters. Part one ended with a villain not sure why they couldn't stick with that.Glad Marvel stepped up with gore, and also keeping to some of the main story and also bringing the favs back into the fold, such as fantastic 4, Captain Marvel and I take it X-men will finally be in it. All in All it is a good movie to watch but I hope it's better going forward. It's all so simple, the material is there (comic books) give the fans what they want not what you think we should want.

I really enjoyed this movie. It's great, but it has a few problems. I found it a little sad that we only visited like 3 universes. I think, the multiverse factor was a little wasted as we could have explored the multiverse a little more. However, the universes that were shown were very good looking and creative. I also really enjoyed the fight between the two Stranges with the music element. It felt really refreshing and it was a great made fight. Also the end fight against Wanda was fun to watch and it really looked like Sam Raimi was given a free hand in it. The idea of making Wanda the bad guy was pretty necessary as I hates the finale of WandaVision because it looked like Wanda wouldn't have to face any consequences whatsoever for enslaving a whole village. In the rest of the movie it still felt like Raimi was hold back by the borders of the MCU sadly.All and all a great and fun movie with some proplems. Still a recommendation.

Yeah I said it.I'm here for Scarlet Witch supremacy, easily the greatest character in the current roster of MCU.Looking forward to seeing the multiverse expand more and hopefully soon we will get our MCU mutants and F4.

Ending is expected so easily like a Disney film. Not madness of multiverse, madness of wanda .Watching Spanish Dramas would have more plot than this. Good CGI tho but useless plot.


Prof. X 🤭😍😍

Nice editing, besides Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, I personally don’t want to see anymore FoX-Men(that includes Hugh Jackman as Hugeverine).

Wurde das multiversum nicht durch den Tod von kang in der Serie loki geöffnet 🤔🤔


A perroon!

Marvel really click baited us cause this trailer ain’t the movie we got 😂

‘We will see what kinda doctor strange you are’ - professer x thinking he slick

The batman > Dr strange

The movie is unfortunately weak and poorly scripted. They are pushing politics into the movie as well. The characters are rushed and misplaced. The end objective is unlear, I wonder if I just watched a marvel movie or not. Except the excellent cgi, must rather say excellently weak and boring storyline. However oddly one of the best trailers that got me wanting more to see it, but disappointed now more than ever of the direction marvel is heading here on

What the name of the music that plays during the trailer, anybody knows?

Ich werde denn Film in 4D mit 3D schauen gehen hehe🤩😎

💀☠️ horror movie alert 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Ok but I’m really annoyed at how they still haven’t acknowledged that scarlet witch tortured tens of thousands of people for over a year straight lol. She’s so evil. But they have this line like “when you break the rules you’re a hero when I do it I’m the enemy.” It sounds like a women are oppressed quote. But in reality it’s not because she’s a woman it’s because she’s evil.

This is awesome you did great with the editing

Erst wenn der Road Runner und Batman sich in Vice City auf ein Rennen trennen ist das Marvel Universe komplett.

Wo kann man es gucken?

Woah what

Love how the Illuminati is making a joke about themselves always trying to downplay themselves. Just like those dorito commercials

Despite being hyped as one of thr strongest mutants. I always see professor x get wrecked on the animated show, fox movies, and now marvel.


Scarlet witch: in the multiverse of madness is the true title

Wow if I had seen any of these 3 trailers for this film it would have ruined so much! So glad I avoided these until today!

Muss man den neuen Spiderman gesehen haben für den Film? Knüpft doch an oder?

They showed everything just not in chronical order lol

Love It!

These trailers now in days really spoil everything

Nur noch eine Woche!

i hope nobody dies cause if then its all spidermans fault

Movie was doo doo


His intention is only to justify the hands, even to justify the entire universe 😁👍

Mega geil 🤩

Whoever mixed this trailer. Yikes. Dialog should NOT sidechain the trailer music.

Shame the film was nothing like this trailer promised. How disappointing

This movie could have been a lot better tbh

Anybody know the name of the song?

If only marvel would have let this be a Hard R!

I know this has been addressed multiple times already, but... Marvel has materialized the multiverse. Things are happening. Marvel can do anything now. Literally.

This trailer was starting to show way way waaaaaaay tooooo much.

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