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Grażyna Szapołowska and Tomasz Stockinger could also return as Laura s parents Klara and Tomasz, but it seems unlikely we ll see a return for Natasza Urbańska, whose character Anna appeared to be very much killed off at the end of the second film.

She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Our dear, broody Massimo actually has an identical twin brother.

Massimo asked her to stay with him for 365 days to fall in love with him, but Laura refused because he is a stranger and he kidnapped her.

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Netflix is based out of California, so 365 Days This Day will be available to stream at 12 00 a.

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This causes Anna to shoot her, and then Anna is shot by Nacho.

Oh, and Laura also begins fantasizing lots of hardcore sexy stuff about Nacho, and they also kiss for real while playing in the ocean.

Laura and Massimo are back and stronger than ever.

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This is especially true with Massimo now being focused on getting Laura medical help and keeping her safe.

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After a marital misunderstanding, Laura and her best friend Olga flee Sicily for their native Poland.

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So, let s take a look at how Laura ended up in even more trouble by the end, and what it might mean for the next sequel.

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The sequel to the hit 2020 romantic thriller, 365 Days This Day recently hit the streamer as part of the.

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So, Laura will likely survive, but things didn t look too good for Anna, who was shot square in the center of her chest by Nacho.

It s also possible you will see 365 Days This Day on Disney and Netflix.

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The small plots that are offered in both movies is great but honestly we all know we are here the eye candy & sex. I thought he was great! I feel we are left with another cliff hanger just like the first one.

I watched the first one only because it generated so much noise overall and I though that the first film was bad, but the sequel is a whole new level of BAD. I though films suppose to have some form of development and plot but here 35 minutes in and where is it... frankly the acting on both parts of the leads are worse than in the first film and one get even put off by the sex is porn film on Netflix.

They should have rest their case with just the first part. This part 2 is terrible, bad plot. It should have just been tagged as 365days of sex. Because that is all what the 2nd part is about.

Bruh deadass its a long music video. First few minutes and theres already sex💀. On top of that, theres literally no plot until the last 15 minutes of the movie and its left on another cliff hanger. So many montages with music and basically porn. Fr 2 stars.

Not really sure what I just watched tbh. More confused now then when I started. Didn't she get kidnap or die at the end of the first movie?. What a waste of time.

I give 2 stars. One, for beautiful places. Second for M. Lamparska. Not for her role, I just like her . How come this could be sooooo bad that I can't think of anything worse I've watched...

I expected more and was extremely disappointed. It was mainly about sx but I figured it would have that since the first one was about sx as well but I really think they could have added more action and suspense and amazing scenes and it was horrible. The way they just end it with her dying and him holding her on his arms the end. What in the world was that!!! Great cast but what a waist of script and the whole story. I'm very disappointed. Smh.

Can't even begin to describe how bad this was! Not even a dialogue!! Good job these Guys are well hot, helps to get through the 2 hrs.<br><br>I kept watching and waiting for it to get better but that didn't happen!

So of course it's got going to be better than the first!! Everyone has there own opinions. I acted really liked this movie!! Way better than the 50th shades .



spot on!!

Full xx movie hai

This trailer was giving something and absolutely nothing at the same time.

La cagada regresó

Song pls ??

Cara.esse filme é muuuuito boooom,e maravilhoso de se vê. Mais essa dublagem Ta horrivel

that&#39;s a very toxic film they made a wife cheat on her husband because she thought that he cheated on her and they can&#39;t help showing the guys asses bcz they think it&#39;s sexy i feel sorry for the actors u made them look like objects.. not forgetting romanticizing psychopathy.. that&#39;s a mess !

Traurig was ihr aus diesem Film gemacht habt nur porno 😂😂🥲

Just finished watching it, literally. Ran straight to the YouTube comments. And I just have one question haunting me right now, WHY ON EARTH DID THEY MAKE THIS DUD???? Gosh, it&#39;s terrible. No storyline whatsoever!!!

I was laughing the whole time.. Thank you for turning a cringe fest into a joy XD

Wea malaaaa 😂

Nacho means dance in my language.

First 🥇🥇🤩🤩

Buenazo ese tonto, el mejor en papasito 😚😚😚😚😚😚

Me encanto la película y quedé enamorada de los actores, ojalá y salga otra película con el actor Michelle 😋😋😍😍😍

Eu sentava toda hora

😭 creí que los comentarios iban a ser de burla y van en serio

Jak to kiedyś powiedział Ciastek ze Shreka: ale to jest szmira

Wooo que que emociónate es esperar tanto por algo sin sentido y que no sirve 🤣🤣🤣

What in the wattpad is this shit

Кто написал сценарий,ребёнок лет 13 с бурной фантазией! Фильм полный отстой, диалог никакой, никаких фраз умных и толковых, диалог из трёх слов, это даже фильмом нельзя назвать, воткнули эротические сцены, думая вытянуть на этом фильм?! 👎👎👎 говно, а не фильм. Актёры никакие!

Tengo que leer más a si me evito fiascos

I can&#39;t believe this is on netflix

I love the romance in the first movie, specially the cumshots in the mouth 💕


Queria un final bonito laura massimo

Где можно полностью посмотреть

I love these kinda movies...the end and twist is very worst 🚶 wasted

Didn’t she die ?


Don&#39;t pretend you guys watched this for the plot or the acting. You watched it for the sex. Polish films are trash.

So excited, can&#39;t wait for part 2

Cómo se llama la canción?

Que homem , meu Deus

I couldn’t finish watching the trailer. The music was so annoying. But still can’t wait for the movie!

Can’t wait to see it

Perfection is all i can say

365 Days This Day 2022 Torrent
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