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Unifying against tide, our new roster for Arena of Valor division

Our adventure in Arena of Valor last year was full of emotions and nothing short of a roller coaster ride. We were crowned 3-time back to back defending champions of Malaysia Valor Cup and we finished 3rd place amongst other top teams in our last tournament at PVP Esports.

We shared these achievements and intense moments with all our fans as we played our hearts out in each of our game and we felt your support for us throughout the year for all our teams.

These moments and experiences formed the foundation of our plans for 2019, following the recent announcement of Valor Cup 2019, we are pleased to finally reveal our new roster and plans for the Arena of Valor division.

Resurgence Arena of Valor Roster:

Eugene “Aris” Ling

Winson “Lnky” Lim

Ce Yon “Love” Foo

Jun Jie “611” Wang

Honglin “LYL” Wu

Chia Chien “Lcc2” Lai

The changes to the regional classification meant that Singapore and Malaysia will now be competing in the same qualifying circuit. While this meant greater competition, it has brought about much appreciated increased flexibility for fielding players from the MSP region and we welcome the change.

The inclusion of Jun Jie “611” Wang and Honglin “LYL” Wu brings about the best of both worlds. The merger of 2 of our top teams in this title will afford us an increased focus. All 6 players will be receiving a monthly allowance and will be representing us this year, we hope our fans are equally excited about the potential of this team.

With 4 players from the SG/MY region, our team will debut this weekend in the SG/MY qualifiers for Valor Cup 2019. We look forward to doing you proud this season.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates on our players, teams and events!

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