Tips and tricks from our newest streamer, Sync!

Our #streamteam just got bigger.

Enter “SyиC” Ho Ee Hong, a popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer who broadcasts on Facebook. SynC boasts a long and varied history in the MOBA genre, starting out in Dota Classic, and moving on to League of Legends when Dota 2 launched.

SynC only joined the mobile scene when his wife introduced him to Mobile Legends. Despite holding down a full time job in IT at the time, SynC began competing with a team and found incredible success, eventually bagging Champion at MPL Season 1.

A couple months later, SynC took the leap into streaming full-time, aspiring towards a more regular schedule than you get when you compete. Since then, he’s built himself a reputation for high-quality gameplay coupled with a humble and relaxed persona, something that his ~300-strong viewership definitely appreciates.

We spoke to SynC, asking him what tips and tricks he had for streamers just starting out. After all, not just anyone can build an audience like his in less than a year. Here’s the wisdom he had to offer:

  • When starting out, don’t expect interaction from the audience immediately

  • Talk to yourself and build your streaming style

  • Audiences can be very inconsistent at first. Be resilient and keep streaming!

SynC is a veteran in not only Mobile Legends but also the broader MOBA genre, and Resurgence is delighted to support his career moving forward from today.

You can find SynC streaming daily on Facebook from 12am to 6am. He also posts the latest MLBB champion builds on Resurgence's community Discord every week.

Drop by anytime and say hi to the newest member of the Resurgence family. Don’t miss out!


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