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Soaring Forward in 2019: A New Year Message from CEO, Jayf Soh

As 2019 begins, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I hope you celebrated the start of the new year in good spirits and I thank you for your support towards Resurgence over the last year.

Looking back at last year

2018 was a success of epic proportions for us. We started the year fielding teams in 6 game titles, but quickly expanded to over 12 teams in 9 games within the year. Our headquarters and training facility in Singapore was first introduced to the public in August last year to an overwhelming response from our fans and the Southeast Asian community. As an esports organisation, we competed in over 60 tournaments and won 17 championships with 36 podium finishes.

We represented some of the country’s best through the Asian Games and World Electronic Sports Games, where we competed against the region’s finest. The height of this year’s achievements was our Hearthstone team proudly representing Singapore on the world stage at the Hearthstone Global Games during BlizzCon 2018. In doing so, we finally achieved Resurgence’s first global playoffs – a major breakthrough for us.

Back at home, we fielded strong representation across all 3 game titles at the local premier esports event, “PVP Esports Championship”, presented by Singtel. It is an honour to have competed against the best in the world right in front of our home crowd and I am heartened by the warmth that our fans and the local community have shown us.

With such stellar achievements and growth in 2018, there is much more to be expected in this coming year.

Initiatives for this year

I am excited to announce that in 2019, Resurgence will be doubling our investment as an esports organisation. Over the year, we will be expanding to field teams across 13 game titles, maintaining our emphasis on the Singaporean market as we strive to engage fans across the different games and platforms.

Fresh off in the new year, we will be announcing our plans for new rosters across our existing divisions. As a Singaporean esports organisation, we reaffirm our continued support for our current portfolio of games that enjoy viewership at the highest level. I believe that the top players in the country deserve our best support, and we look towards to having them grow alongside us.

Moving forward, we will be announcing our official retirement from Heroes of the Storm. Personally, this has been an extremely painful decision that follows Blizzard's retirement of the Heroes of the Storm global circuit. On behalf of all our players, I would like to thank our fans and the many friends made during our time with the game that formed the core of Resurgence.

It is my pleasure to announce our 2 new initiatives in 2019: the Streaming Programme and the Academy Programme.

Influencers and streamers are a huge part of the gaming community. The Streaming Programme is designed to support and bolster such individuals, expanding their reach and elevating their contributions to the gaming community. We believe that with our resources and experience, we can empower and nurture aspiring gamers to become gaming celebrities,

At the highest level of competition, esports in Singapore has a high barrier to entry, and presently there is a lack of an established path for talents, aspirants, and interested individuals to join the industry. With the launch of our Academy Programme, we hope to help ease the difficulties of establishing a career in esports. We believe that we can share our experience, as well as guide new incomers into the industry.

Concluding remarks

The past year has had a powerful impact on all of us and I would like to thank you all for your significant support and dedication. I would also like to thank our sponsors, Team Razer, Wanyoo Cyber Café, SCAPE and SecretLab, who believe in us and our purpose.

I am personally humbled by the outpour of support granted to us by our fans and the community. I am inspired by the sheer determination and passion from our professional players and my management team. I will continue to work hard for esports in Singapore and I know I can count on you to do the same. Together, let us make Singapore’s esports dream come true.