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Over the last year, we have consistently supported the Singapore League of Legends competitive scene. In fact, the League of Legends division was Resurgence's second acquired team when the organization was founded last year and our very first salaried team.

Throughout the entire year of our involvement with League of Legends, we saw our team consistently compete in the Grand Finals of all local tournament and even achieving glory by representing Singapore in the 2017 Summer Garena Premier League. However, recently we have been challenged to constantly innovate and improve ourselves to do better at both local and regional tournaments.

The new roster for Resurgence League of Legends

Due to Singapore's mandatory National Service commitments, our players Daniel "Revive" Tan (Top) & Alvin "Ares" Tan (Support) will have to take a step back while we look to improve the roster. We believe that with the addition of Alex "Shinsekai" Tan (Top) along with Charles "Kra" Teo (Support), we would be able to bring out the best of our team.

Alex "Shinsekai" Tan - Top lane:

"I'm grateful to Resurgence for this opportunity and I'm really excited to work with my team members. Together, I believe it is our country's best chance at making it to worlds in a long time to come."

Charles "Kra" Teo - Support:

"Over the short span of the time I spent with the team, I believe we have made tremendous amounts of effort and we will only improve further with the acquisition of Shinsekai. As such, I'm confident we will do well in the upcoming SEA Tour Conqueror in the next couple of weeks!"

Our full roster will be competing for the total prize pool of USD250,000 at SEA Conqueror Manila through the Singapore Qualifiers starting tomorrow, 14th July 2018.

Stay tuned on our Facebook for more live updates on how our players are doing!

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