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Sharpening the sword with our League of Legends division

The Resurgence League of Legends division has but 1 goal in mind. To fly the Singapore flag high and finally qualify for the world stage. Since our 3rd place finishes in Globe Conqueror Manila last split, we have been continuously improving our roster and coaching staff. Our first major change included the announcement of Leonard “OMO” Loh’s leadership in November where the division started to make numerous adjustments under his guidance.

Ahead of the Spring Split and the LoL SEA Tour (LST) Qualifiers, we are now finally ready to announce these changes and brace the challenges ahead.

First up, the division will now be jointly led by both Leonard “OMO” Loh and Dominic “Arykelic” Loh. Arykelic will be taking the reins as Head Coach of the team whereas OMO will be taking over the position of Strategic Coach. The combined expertise of both coaches ensures a holistic coverage of the team’s requirements providing us an edge over other teams.

Jungle has always been a key focus of our team’s strategy and with that, we are also pleased to announce the return of Yihui “Eternal” Chen on the starting roster. Eternal provides very comfortable pacing between the players and is known as an aggressive player with the high mechanical skill required for the game. This would also mean that Wayne “Cralix” Aw will be moved to the team’s substitute to provide the team with much-needed flexibility across varying styles.

Next up, we’re introducing Jordan “Kusuo” Lum, a brand-new addition to the team as our support player. Kusuo brings with him a wealth of experience and access to a wider variety of champions allowing easier access to different strategies.

Unfortunately, this would mean that we will be parting ways with Charles “Kra” Teo and Marco “Penguinn” Ngooi. We thank them both for their time and effort with us and we wish them all the best moving forward.

“It has been an extremely difficult decision when it comes down to fielding players for this split due to the growing talent pool within the game and the limiting team size in this region. I firmly believe that along with both coaches and these players, we have our best shot for the LST Spring Split and that together, this team can achieve great things.” - Jayf Soh, CEO & Founder

We look forward to doing you proud this upcoming season and having your support while we do our best in the upcoming split.

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