As the dust settled over the past week, we look back at the biggest Southeast Asian League of Legends event of the year and review our performance for the event. Globe Conqueror Manila 2018 took on a newly revamped tournament format, as 8 of the best teams from 5 countries competed for a spot at the 2018 League of Legends Worlds Play-in. With a combined prize pool of USD 250,000, the stakes were among the highest League of Legends had to offer in recent years.

After a successful group stage finishing 2nd in Group A (3-3), our team qualified for playoffs and competed on the main stage along with Ascension (ASC), Mega Esports (MEGA) and Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH). Despite leading the series 1:0 against MEGA in the Semifinals, we were not able to close out the game and finished 3rd in the event, bagging home a respectable USD 25,000 in prize money.

As we continue to pioneer the frontier of esports in Singapore and SEA, we are confident that our team has the potential and capacity to bring back the championship next year. Our journey has only begun to unfold and this tournament has allowed us to identify key areas of improvement which will be reviewed during our practice time.

We'd like to thank our awesome and enthusiastic fans who cheered for us all the way during the event. Even as we walked out the arena in tears, we heard applause and shouts from you guys who walked past us in that state. We will forever be grateful for the support from all of you. Manila, you have been extraordinary. Thank you so much!

Special thanks to Ralhf, Amanda, and the entire staff from Garena PH who took great lengths in ensuring our stay at Manila was unforgettable in many ways. We appreciate all your effort and hope to see you again!

Here's a compilation of photos from our fans who came forward to show their support during the event.

We promise, we'll be back stronger.

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