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Diversity in today’s esports industry has transcended beyond gender differences and we are proud to announce that Michelle “Mich” Lim, our Operations Manager, will be competing together with Asterisk* (Singapore’s most recognized all-female gaming team) in the WESG CSGO Women’s division. Her contribution to the team was made possible through a collaboration between both esports organizations.

“Supporting the local Singaporean competitive scene is our mission as an esports organization based here. We set out to establish support and platform for all aspiring competitive gamers regardless of gender. Michelle has been our Operations Manager since early this year and while she is an awesome manager, she is also extremely proficient in CSGO. I am glad that she is noticed by Asterisk* and given the opportunity to compete along with their stellar team for this tournament. I wish them all the best and hope that they can do us all proud.” – Jayf “Babael” Soh, Owner & CEO of Resurgence

Michelle "Mich" Lim

“I’m glad to be able to represent Singapore to promote the local female gaming scene together with both organizations!” – Michelle “Mich” Lim

“We are excited to have Michelle join us as part of the CSGO team to represent Asterisk* at WESG, and extremely grateful that Resurgence are supportive of female competitive gaming. The team will be relentlessly training and working towards the goal of putting Singapore esports on the global stage. We can't wait to see the results of their hard work!” – Kimberlyn See, Co-owner of Asterisk*

As one of our core values, Resurgence believes that gaming can be used as a tool to empower any individual, male or female, and we fully support Michelle’s endeavour in WESG 2018. The team will be playing at the WESG qualifier which will be taking place from 1 Aug to 30 September.

Resurgence will also be fielding our teams in WESG 2018 qualifiers and we look towards having your support for the tournament.

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