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Resurgence's road to The International

The Resurgence TI9 team (left to right): Clement "InsidiousC" Tan, Charl "Welp" Geldenhuys, "Deth" Yang Wu Heng, Remus "Ponlo" Goh, Louie James "LJSL"

We announced our most recent Dota 2 roster just a couple weeks ago, and last week they competed in the The International 2019’s Southeast Asian qualifiers. When we were faced with the question of whether or not they were ready for what was indisputably the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, the answer was no.

We went anyway.

“Start before you’re ready”

Winning TI represents the end goal for many aspiring professional Dota 2 players, the culmination of thousands of hours honing their craft and the unrivalled mark of a successful esports career.

Resurgence is no different. When we registered for this year’s TI, our eyes were set on the ultimate prize. We knew that the team didn’t measure up when it came to their time and experience playing together, but Resurgence players and managers were united by a burning hunger for the Ti dream.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.”

Here at Resurgence we understand that success comes from setting the lofty goals and putting in the work to make your dreams come true. Our players have flown in from South Africa and the Philippines, or made the time during their national service to come together. As a team they have been working tirelessly every day for the past month to forge a winning dynamic between 5 players who’ve known each other for only so long.

The Resurgence Dota 2 team did us proud when they entered closed qualifiers, marking them as one of the top 8 teams in Southeast Asia. They battled hard against TI veterans from other qualifying teams and fought to keep their wits about them in the mental marathon of this major esports tournament. Ultimately, the gap in experience as a team was too wide to close, and the team found themselves out of the tournament at closed qualifier playoffs.

Resurgence understands that success means failure, but we also know that failure means learning, and it represents the opportunity to come back stronger. This is the essence of what we do, and what we offer to players. The chance to become better, to build yourself a Resurgence from the ashes of your past.

We’ve learnt much from this experience, and we are so proud of Deth, InsidiousC, LJSL, Ponlo and Welp for blazing this trail with us. Thank you.

Here at Resurgence, the road to TI10 begins now.


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