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Resurgence launches Streamer Partnership Programme, signs Deborah “Wolfsbanee" Sim

Gaming influencers and streamers are a huge part of the gaming community. Providing long hours of entertainment through their channels, these passionate individuals focus on content creation and building their own community. Staying true to our mission of empowering and nurturing aspiring gamers to become gaming celebrities, the Streamer Partnership Programme is designed to provide financial support with incentives and guidance for them.

Streamers who are signed to this programme will be under the management of Resurgence where they will receive a monthly allowance and offered the opportunity to collaborate and design their own collections to be sold via the online Resurgence Store. They will also be donning our colours and representing our partners through their content and event appearances.

“Deborah is an extremely committed individual who has hard-earned her respect from the gaming and esports community. She has also proved her amazing gaming talent through her recent 2nd place finish in the WESG Hearthstone Women Division SEA Qualifier despite only picking up Hearthstone for less than 6 months. She is entertaining and genuine to her fans and we are excited to be able to work with her.” – Jayf Soh, CEO & Founder of Resurgence

Wolfsbanee is the first of many who will benefit from the Streamer Partnership Programme. Similar to our dedication and support for professional and aspiring competitive players, we believe that we can bridge the gap by being the catalyst that allows these individuals to focus on and thereby excelling at their craft.

“I feel honoured to be a part of the new Resurgence Streamer Partnership Programme as their first streamer. Through the encouragement from my fans and friends, I recently decided to dedicate myself to content creation and streaming. Thus, when Resurgence heard about my plans on leaving my full-time job behind to focus on streaming, they did not hesitate to jump in and made the transition a lot easier. I am grateful to them for their support. With the alignment of our goals, I can start 2019 with a bang.” – Deborah “Wolfsbanee” Sim

Resurgence will also provide marketing and content advise to all our streamers, spear led by Jayf, who was an accomplished personality and talent having commentated at BlizzCon 2015.

Please join us in welcoming Wolfsbanee into the Resurgence family and we look towards your continued support for us.

Interested in being a part of the Streamer Partnership Programme? Send us a 5-minute video of why we should sign you and include your channel and gaming CV to

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