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Resurgence launches Real Time Strategy division starting with Starcraft II

It has been an incredible year for StarCraft II as Serral took victory at BlizzCon 2018 and made history as the first non-korean to win the world championship. This serves as a huge inspiration to many aspiring players across the world and left an indelible impact on us.

Following the commitment made by our CEO, Jayf Soh, to double investments in Singapore for esports, our first announcement this year is dedicated to launching our own Real Time Strategy (RTS) division starting with StarCraft II.

Leading the team is Thomas "Blysk" Kopankiewicz, a veteran and decorated StarCraft II player. Blysk will be joining us as our captain and player for the newly established division aimed at a strong representation in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

"As someone who hasn't been the most active and well performing coming out of the Military just a few months back, I'm glad I came to find a growing team with relentless support for local esports. Resurgence gives me support alongside freedom of working on my craft alongside other commitments. Which is a trust I find hard to find in other teams who've tried to make offers. Nonetheless I'm going to do my best this year, with one main goal in mind to win SEA games." - Thomas "Blysk" Kopankiewicz

"After witnessing Revenant compete last year, we were inspired and decided to expand our support for StarCraft II. The game enjoys a rich history and commands deep respect as one of the founding titles for esports. Given its prestigious status and recognition as the premier title for the RTS genre, it is no surprise that StarCraft II is selected by the SEA Olympic Committee. With Blysk joining the team, I am confident that we can establish a strong foundation to compete across Southeast Asia and Oceania." - Jayf "Babael" Soh, CEO & Founder

Here are some of the player's achievements:

Thomas "Blysk" Kopankiewicz


2018 - 3rd - ANZ Proleague Season 2

2017 - 3rd - ANZ Proleague Season 1

2015 - 1st - WCS Season 2: Oceania & SEA Qualifier

2015 - 1st - SEA LOTV Beta Anniversary

2014 - 1st - SEA Rising Star Invitational 1

Marcus "Revenant" Tan


2018 - 2nd - WESG Singapore Qualifier

2018 - 1st - Asian Games Singapore Qualifier

2013 - 2nd - Vengeance Cup Southeast Asia

2012 - 1st - WCS: Singapore Nationals