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The Singapore based esports organization will see a multi-national, multi-title involvement for the games happening later this year.

The selection process for the representative players differ according to the different games and decision by each country's individual National Olympic Committee and appointed partners. Resurgence is currently fielding its contracted players across both Singapore and Malaysia, of which its players has qualified or selected to represent their countries.

We are honoured to be a part of this momentous occasion. All of our management and players look forward to bringing glory to their countries by doing our best. Here's to an exciting and inclusive Asian Games 2018.

Representing Team Singapore

Marcus "Revenant" Tan (Starcarft 2)

Kenneth "Raven" Goh (League of Legends)

Timothy "Ciela" Lim (League of Legends)

Wayne "Cralix" Aw (League of Legends)

Daniel "Revive" Tan (League of Legends)

Charles "Kra" Teo (League of Legends)

Chen Ming "Blaire" Lee (League of Legends)

Eugene "Aris" Ling (Arena of Valor)

Bjorn "Zeys" Ong (Arena of Valor)

Ang Jia Lun (League of Legends, Coach)

Representing Team Malaysia

Winson "Lnky" Lim (Arena of Valor)

Yeong Kiat "Muachi" Sim (Arena of Valor)

Ce Yon "Love" Foo (Arena of Valor)

Jacky "MrJQ" Ng (Arena of Valor, Coach)

The respective national teams will be going through another round of regional qualification process for Southeast Asian countries across the next few weeks.

Stay tuned on our Facebook for more live updates on how our players are doing!

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