Resurgence goes to school

Bringing esports to schools is nothing new to the gaming world: high school and collegiate leagues are already an established concept internationally. Singapore itself has had campus tournaments between the tertiary institutions for years, a recent example being the PVP Campus League by Singtel.

We-fie with the amazing crowd at West Spring Secondary School

While student leagues are the first step to fostering a healthy gaming environment for students, these events often target groups already established in the esports scene. To build a wider esports community, more needs to be done to increase knowledge sharing and representation in mainstream education.

This is why Resurgence has been going to schools!

Resurgence has been part of the Esports x Dance School Tour, organized by *SCAPE and hosted in schools all around Singapore. Our team has been to two schools so far - West Spring Secondary and Raffles Institution. The response has been amazing.

Jayf Soh speaking to students of West Spring Secondary School

Esports is on the up and up in Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region, with more investors than ever looking to grow the industry locally. With the Esports x Dance School tour, Resurgence hopes to nurture esports professionals starting in the mainstream education system.

Resurgence CEO and Founder Jayf Soh spoke about the infinite possibilities in esports, touching on various roles within the industry and how a student might work towards a career in esports, be it as a competitor or in managerial roles.

Jayf also showcased our office cum training facility in Woodlands. Check it out! Resurgence believes in growing esports interest in a healthy, balanced environment. We want to show as many people as possible that there is a way do so, right here in Singapore.

At Raffles Institution, we also brought one of our players home to their alma mater. Our professional Hearthstone player Samuel “Sequinox” Chan joined Jayf’s session, speaking to his juniors about his journey in esports after graduating from RI. Seeing an alumni in esports sparked some serious discussion about esports amongst the students!

Samuel "Sequinox" Chan speaking to his juniors at Raffles Institution

Inspiring potential leaders in esports goes hand-in-hand with enabling them through informing the adults in their lives. Apart from showing students that there is a career in esports, we also hope to help teachers and parents understand the opportunities in the industry. There's no denying that many esports aspirants face some pushback from parents at some point. We're working on a future where that becomes the exception rather than the rule.

Our school talks have been a great success, allowing us to meet and speak with countless students ( and fans :D ). We're excited to do more outreach at educational institutions!

Want us to come to your school? Drop us a mail at, or contact *SCAPE for the Esports x Dance School Tour.


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