Resurgence expands into Malaysia, launches dedicated training house and acquires PUBG Mobile team

Singapore - Resurgence, the leading Singaporean esports organisation, has opened its second office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Resurgence has also established its first Malaysian division, a four-man PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) team.

Resurgence Malaysia’s PUBG Mobile team. From left: Muhd Mukhriz “IronPRO” Lutfi Bin Fariq Adlan, Alexis “小BoY” Aw Chee Loong, Jay “Y2K” Lim Jarn Jiang, Muhd Imran “Vokey” Bin Rosli

The four-storey facility located in Damansara Perdana includes an office and training house facility, which will be used by the PUBG Mobile team as well as other Resurgence teams.

This expansion comes before Resurgence’s participation in the SEA Games in December, and aims to expand the organisation’s pool of resources for players, as well as provide an improved position from which to engage its Malaysian audience.

At launch, Resurgence Malaysia will be managed by newly appointed Operations Manager (Malaysia) Aaron “Qontra” Chan, an esports veteran armed with thorough market knowledge and established network in Malaysia. He will be assisted by Content Manager (Malaysia) Abdul “RanGer” Hakiem. They will be operating Resurgence Malaysia as a branch of the Resurgence main office in Singapore, and will be handling daily operations, content production as well as supervision of Resurgence Malaysia’s PUBG Mobile team and future divisions.

"Resurgence was founded with the goal of uplifting esports in Southeast Asia.” Said Jayf Soh, CEO and Founder of Resurgence.

“Our founding years were spent on building a strong foundation in Singapore and now that we've achieved that, we are looking beyond to expand and grow in the other SEA markets. Over the years, we are fortunate to have enjoyed increasing support from the Malaysian audience. We now look forward to engaging even better with the fans in this new market and are extremely excited to pick up our first team that will be based here. Please continue to support our players and Resurgence."

Resurgence Operations Manager (Malaysia) Aaron Chan said: “Resurgence is a household esports brand that I have been following since its inception. For years I have been helping players and talents around Malaysia to grow, and this aligns with Resurgence’s own goals: to support local budding talents and enable them to reach new heights and achieve greatness.

“I am extremely grateful to take part on this new journey and we hope to be able to groom our talented players and engage the Malaysian community to grow a healthy esports ecosystem.”

About Resurgence:

Resurgence is the largest Singapore based professional esports organization with a training facility and office in Singapore. In 2018, Resurgence competed in over 60 tournaments, won 17 championship wins with 36 podium finishes and consistently qualified for premier & major tournaments regionally and globally including the 2018 Asian Games and the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon.

The brand is modelled after the concept of supporting and uplifting esports in Singapore and Southeast Asia to achieve stellar results. Their goal is to create exciting stories and sustainable careers for professional players and content creators.

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