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Family was one of the most important values to us when we first started Resurgence. In our anniversary video, we expressed that we wanted to support and push our local esports talents to greater heights, as far as they could go.

In line with that, we’ve always wanted a Dota 2 team that we, and other proud Singaporean fans could call their own, and to support on the international stage!

Resurgence Dota 2 Roster

Hence, it is with great pride that we announce our new Singaporean Dota 2 roster, coached by one of our homegrown Dota pioneers, Nicholas “Xfreedom” Lim:

Resurgence Dota 2 Roster:

Carry and Captain: Galvin “Meracle” Kang

Mid: Joel “Chibi” Chan

Offlane: Teo “Tudi” Yao Wen

Farming Support: Wilson “Poloson” Koh

Hard Support: Paul “Barry” Tan

Manager: Kira “Lovelle” Chiu

Jayf “Babael” Soh – Resurgence CEO:

“Over the last 9 months, we’ve been looking closely at fielding a committed, professional Singapore DotA 2 team with the idea of re-igniting the hopes and dreams of the local DotA community. Over the last 8 years of the game’s competitive history, we’ve had a couple of teams and iterations of them where our local Singaporean players and squad performed exceptionally well and had success internationally - Team Zenith and Faceless in particular. Ultimately, these teams disbanded and went their separate ways, to the disappointment of fans and the community.

Resurgence’s main objective in esports is to create a sustainable and lucrative career path for professional gamers so that they can fully focus on playing their games, instead of worrying about their livelihood.

Along with this latest acquisition, we now field a total of 9 teams in 8 different games as one of the biggest esports organization in Singapore. We have just entered into our second year of operation and I truly believe that this roster will further cement our position in the local market.

We at the Resurgence family are proud that after a long search, we have finally amassed a team of extremely talented players with the commitment to train and do well. For now, the team will be training at the Resurgence facility, based in Singapore to start preparation for the next Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. I hope to provide this team with even better support to assist them in their quest for The International 9, and to do our nation proud on the regional and global stage.”

Galvin “Meracle” Kang – Captain:

“I feel excited about being able to play under Resurgence as being able to play under a Singapore organization, with my Singaporean teammates and friends, has been something I've been wanting to do for awhile, and something I feel the most comfortable with.

Like most teams out there, I hope to be able to compete and win TI one day. We've just come together quite recently after not playing with each other for awhile so it'll take quite some time, but we're definitely looking forward to getting prepared to play in the next DPC season “

Nicholas “xFreedom” Lim – Coach:

“I aim to bring this team together with my past experiences. As the saying goes, each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit. I hope this team to achieve the results that Zenith and Faceless did in their primetime or even better. Knowing how hungry these players are to win, I feel this roster has the potential to put the Singapore flag on the map for dota 2 esports. ”

We look forward for your continued support as we compete in the upcoming tournaments! Stay tuned to our Facebook for more live updates on how our players are doing!

Other details:

1. The roster’s first event will take place on Sunday at the Singapore Esports League

2. Meracle just came back from a stint with IG.Vitality

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