Resurgence concludes EXP2019 Esports Summer Camps

The past two weeks have been hectic for the Resurgence team. We’ve executed two (count it, TWO) overnight summer camps for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends respectively, in conjunction with *SCAPE’s EXP2019. Resurgence provided esports expertise during both planning and execution of the camps in the form of our players and managers. Together with *SCAPE, we engaged dozens of Singaporean gamers from all over the country.

Participants designing their group flag during the Mobile Legends Summer Camp

Why esports camps?

Youth in Singapore are interested in esports, and this learner interest is a powerful thing Resurgence hopes to harness.

This is why we’ve been working towards running camps like the EXP2019 Summer Camps. Resurgence believes that grooming world-class players starts from the gaming communities they start out in. Growing these communities in the right way ensures that Singapore’s gaming scene continues to move in a constructive and conducive direction.

Kenneth "Raven" Goh of Resurgence advising a camp participant

Offline skills, brought online

These summer camps were our first camps, and they were everything we hoped they’d be!

Both camps operated on a outdoors-to-indoors structure, aimed at imparting interpersonal and self-management skills while maintaining relevance with their primary interest; esports.

Outdoors-to-indoors camp structure of our esports camps

Participants had the chance to interact with our pro players and learn in-game skills from them, then came together offline to bring these skills to the next level through teamwork and self-realisation.

Most importantly, we brought like-minded individuals together and spawned friendships which transcended the camps themselves. That, at its core, is the spirit of esports and gaming, and it makes EXP2019 Summer Camps a resounding success in our books.

Resurgence thanks you!

A huge thank you to all our camp organisers, facilitators and participants for being part of a successful camp experience. The team here at Resurgence is excited to do more of such programs in the future, even bigger and even better!

Conclusion of Mobile Legends Summer Camp

EXP2019 Mobile Legends and League of Legends Summer Camps were held on 17-19th June and 27-29th June 2019 in collaboration with *SCAPE. For any enquiries regarding these camps or future esports camps facilitation, please contact

Resurgence is committed to fostering healthy and progressive esports communities. Visit our community Discord, where you can meet and speak with Resurgence players and community members!