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After more than 10 months together, we are announcing the release of our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team. The decision was made collectively by the players and they have decided to split up with some of them forming their own teams and others joining overseas organizations.

The team was initially known as Quadruno when they were acquired by Resurgence last year. With the ambitious idea of being Singapore's best CS:GO team, our boys trained countless hours and went through many challenges.

"We are extremely proud of them and everything that we have achieved together including numerous amateur tournament wins. I deeply cherish the times we shared and wish the boys all the best moving forward." - Jayf "Babael" Soh, Founder & CEO

Our most notable success was when we were able to secure the ESEA APAC League Championship amongst numerous other podium finishes. These were made possible in part due to the leadership of Sha "ZesBeeW" Mohtar.

"Even, though it has been a short while. It was a fun run especially with the boys. I met new people especially from different variety of games and got to know about how they train and play. Throughout my time with RSG, I learnt something very personal to me. All the best to the other players in the organization. Thanks Resurgence for the support." - Sha "ZesBeeW" Mohtar, Captain

Together, we have been through multiple roster changes whilst consistently building up a team with Alex "fal" Cheang. Out of everyone, we'd like to thank his dedication to being a top CS:GO player in the region and his outstanding tenacity in the face of challenges.

"It has been a memorable journey with RSG, a place in which i could call my second home. Thank you all for this opportunity that has been given to me, in nurturing me into the competitive player that i am today." - Alex "fal" Cheang

It has been an extreme joy working together with this team and being a part of the CS:GO community. We treasure the memories as the team competed very often at our Resurgence Headquarters in Singapore. Of which, we particularly enjoy the pizza moments after the matches. We would also like to thank the local community for the exhilarating moments at LAN events. We are extremely honoured to have been a part of this inclusive community.

Our time with CS:GO is far from over. Resurgence will now look towards acquiring a new team to represent us in the upcoming tournaments. We would like to thank all our fans who have supported the CS:GO division throughout the last year and we hope to have your continued support as we move forward.

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