Resurgence at the Lenovo Flagship Store Launch

Resurgence players were at the Lenovo Flagship Store grand opening last week, filling Lenovo’s Legion Arena with competitive games from all genres. The Resurgence team comprised professional gamers and streamers from multiple divisions, joining Lenovo in the launch of the Lenovo Flagship Store in the newly reopened Funan mall.

Lenovo Legion features a holistic lineup of towers, laptops and peripherals designed for high-quality gaming. It is a dedicated space for online gaming and esports through Lenovo Legion. Housing 13 fully functional gaming rigs as well as a video wall display, Legion Arena is designed to facilitate esports functions and competitions, providing a space for Singapore’s gaming communities to gather and share epic experiences together.

Lenovo Legion provides gamers worldwide with quality they can depend on, allowing them the freedom to focus on their craft. This aligns perfectly with our vision as an esports organisation, and Resurgence is a proud partner of Legion in the quest to pave the way to greatness for the best players in the region.

We’re super excited for the opportunities Legion Arena opens up for gaming and esports communities here in Singapore. Think viewing parties, public friendly matches, product launches and more! The possibilities are endless.

In fact, Resurgence will be hosting various gaming and streaming workshops at Legion in the coming months. Limited slots available, so watch this space for the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks first-hand from our pro streamers and players!

Peace out.


Resurgence is the largest Singapore based professional esports organization with a training facility and office in Singapore. We create exciting stories and sustainable careers for professional players and content creators. In 2018, Resurgence competed in over 60 tournaments, won 17 championship wins with 36 podium finishes and consistently qualified for premier & major tournaments regionally and globally including the 2018 Asian Games and the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon.

Our brand is modelled after the concept of supporting and uplifting esports in Singapore and Southeast Asia to achieve stellar results.

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