Resurgence at Gamescom 2019

Been to Gamescom this year? We have!

Resurgence CEO and Founder Jayf Soh and Operations Manager Bobby Sim have just ended their stay in Cologne as part of the Singaporean contingent at Gamescom 2019.

Resurgence Operations Manager Bobby Sim speaking at gamescom 2019 in Cologne

The Singaporean group, consisting of industry leaders in all sectors of gaming and esports, attended the conference in anticipation of next years’ inaugural Gamescom Asia. Resurgence spoke to industry members from all over the world about the esports ecosystem in Singapore and Southeast Asia, offering Resurgence's localised experience to the world of gaming.

Apart from the bleeding-edge equipment and fresh-off-the-plates dev news, the biggest question on everyone's minds is "What is Gamescom Asia 2020 gonna be like?" We've come up with a collection of need to know information about the first satellite event of Koelnmesse's Gamescom.

What is Gamescom?

Gamescom is a gaming trade show held in Cologne, Germany. It has been running for the past decade, and is one of the biggest gaming event of the year, alongside other well-known conventions such as PAX, Blizzcon, and the like. It encompasses the width of the video game industry, from pc to console to peripheral software to hardware to... you get the idea.

gamescom as an event brings video game industry industry and consumer members together for a weeks' worth of conferences and announcements. Gamescom Asia is slated to include a "two-day industry gaming conference and a three-day trade and public exhibition", according to Koelnmesse's press release in May this year.

This echoes the structure of Gamescom Cologne, which offers two days of industry talks and four days of public exhibitions. Because Gamescom Asia hopes to pull in publishers and other gaming professionals in the region, it makes sense to devote more time to nurture localised connections between regional industry members and international publishers who will likely be flying in to SEA for the inaugural event.

Gamescom Asia in Singapore

Gamescom Asia will be held at Suntec City Convention Centre from 15-18 October 2020. As a Singaporean organisation at its heart, Resurgence is immensely proud that the first Gamescom held outside Germany - Cologne, even - will be held in our Garden City.

Entrance lobby of Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore. Photo by Wayne Chan

Of course, being held in Singapore gives Gamescom Asia 2020 a lot of benefits. For one, Singapore offers a combination of well-organised urban infrastructure in a central location in Southeast Asia. Additionally, a number of industry titans - Ubisoft, Riot Games, Razer, Secretlab, SEA - maintain offices in Singapore or call the Little Red Dot home. This makes Singapore, a veritable hub of Southeast Asian gaming, an ideal destination for Gamescom Asia.

Esports at Gamescom Asia

Of course, we're all about esports here at Resurgence.

The industry has always had a place at Gamescom, which hosted the 2013 EU LCS playoffs for League of Legends, 2014 ESL One Cologne for CS:GO and more. Because esports remains one of SEA's most promising new industries, it's reasonable to expect a strong showing of esports-related content at Gamescom Asia here in Singapore next year. Regardless, Resurgence will be ready and waiting to represent the best of Singaporean esports. See you there!


Resurgence is the largest Singapore based professional esports organization with a training facility and office in Singapore. We create exciting stories and sustainable careers for professional players and content creators.

In 2018, Resurgence competed in over 60 tournaments, won 17 championship wins with 36 podium finishes and consistently qualified for premier & major tournaments regionally and globally including the 2018 Asian Games and the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon.

We support and uplift esports in Singapore and Southeast Asia to achieve stellar results.

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gamescom asia will be the inaugural Asian edition of gamescom. Over 30,000 visitors regionally will be expected to gather in Singapore. With the business area, the entertainment area and the industry gaming conference, gamescom asia covers the entire diversity of the games culture.

In 2020, gamescom asia will open its doors to conference delegates on Thursday 15 October, to all interested trade visitors on Friday, 16 October 2020 and to the public visitors on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18 of October 2020. gamescom asia is organised by Koelnmesse Singapore and supported by game - the German Games Industry Association.