Resurgence Announces Rebrand, Projects Three-fold Revenue Increase and Celebrates Three Years Growth

SINGAPORE – Resurgence, a leading Singapore-based Southeast Asian professional esports organisation, announced the company’s rebranding to RSG after three years of operations. The rebrand includes a new name, logo, website, and team jerseys to better align the company’s brand collaterals with RSG’s stance, offerings, and direction.

RSG is diversifying its offerings as well as market reach to engage the gaming and esports community in Singapore and Southeast Asia. In September 2020, RSG revealed that it has set up operations in Vietnam and Myanmar, investing in local esports teams in both countries and building up content production capabilities in Vietnam. The move powers up its community base beyond Singapore and Malaysia. With the regional expansion, RSG targets to reach 150 million gaming audience in Southeast Asia by 2021.

“The rebrand reflects our on-going commitment to innovate and evolve ahead of the pulse of the esports scene. In 2017, we started with a mission to empower and nurture aspiring players by creating opportunities for sustainable esports careers in Singapore. Today, we are on track to achieve a projected three-fold increase in revenue for our financial year, despite the pandemic’s impact. RSG is dedicated to showcase Singapore esports to a regional stage and raise the bar, as we scale up and diversify our offerings to other synergistic aspects of the gaming and esports market”, said RSG’s Founder and CEO, Jayf Soh.


RSG’s Fan-first Philosophy

Fan engagement is a core part of RSG’s operations. RSG explores strategic partnerships to improve fan experiences and deliver new content by leveraging on technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and computer-generated imagery. RSG is in discussions with Vividtree Holdings, a diversified entertainment company specializing in the production of immersive experiences with mixed technologies, to co-produce immersive esports events in Southeast Asia.

“The support from our community, sponsors and partners has helped us grow into a market leader position, and a credible and reliable bridge for brands and investors to engage with the esports market. We are humbled by the trust placed in us. As we extended our presence to more markets, we realized that our fans started to affectionately abbreviate our name to RSG. So naturally, they should have the final say,” added Jayf, commenting on the new name and logo.


Delivering Esports Excellence

With premier esports teams in Singapore and Southeast Asia who have participated in over 200 tournaments, RSG will continue to groom esports players and nurture esports icons. RSG players regularly compete in major global and regional tournaments.

This includes the upcoming E1 Championship, a premier motor racing esports tournament with drivers and teams across 16 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific, starting today (19 November 2020). RSG will field two drivers: Mikael "Mika" Hakimi ", and Ayman "Tadashi" Aqeem.

"I am thrilled to have RSG on board for our inaugural season. We absolutely need the best esports teams taking part in E1. It helps our claim of being the best e-racing championship in the region and having RSG involved certainly lends weight to that," said Alex Yoong, Race Director for E1 Championship and a former F1 driver.

RSG will also participate in the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational, which starts on 27 November 2020. RSG will be among the two invited teams from Singapore, as 20 teams from five countries compete for a US$100,000 prize pool.

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