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League of Legends has always been one of our organization's core title ever since we picked up our first roster last year. Since then, we have consistently achieved good results both locally and regionally with a 3rd place finish in the SEA Tour Conqueror in August this year and 2nd place finish in the recently concluded China-ASEAN Esports Tournament.

Leonard "OMO" Loh (in black) coaching the League of Legends team in a tournament

With the League of Legends SEA Spring Split coming up very shortly, we'd like to take this opportunity to announce the departure of Ang "Rayne" Jialun from our organization as he proceeds to take up a new role outside the esports industry. Rayne has been a tremendous part of the League of Legends division and he played a monumental role in establishing our legacy. We are extremely thankful for his time with us and we will all miss him. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Next, we'd like to welcome our new coach, Leonard "OMO" Loh, who will be leading our roster moving forward. Known for being the backbone behind long time rival team Sovereign, OMO has led his team to face against us in numerous tournaments and has proved to be an outstanding coach.

"This spring, I’m taking my talents to Resurgence. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I believe we can put Singapore back on the map. With the talent and resources at RSG, we will easily be the best in Singapore and we will be gunning for a top placing at the next SEA Tour Conquerers." - Leonard "OMO" Loh

OMO has recently led Resurgence against some of the best teams in Guangxi, China at the China-ASEAN Esports Tournament where we managed to clutch a 2nd place finish and going 1-2 against AS-OMG in the grand finals.

We believe that this is a great start to the spring season. Please lend us your support as we look forward to achieving even greater heights under OMO's leadership. Welcome to the family!

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