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New Year, New League

Just when we thought 2019 couldn't get any better, Resurgence has been announced as one of only ten teams competing at the inaugural season of the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). The Resurgence League of Legends team will be representing Singapore in the 2020 splits.

PCS will replace the LMS and LST regional leagues, and will be co-organised by Riot Games and FunPlus Esports. It aims to increase the level of competition in the region and create even better experiences with fans. These overarching goals resonate strongly with Resurgence's own vision to professionalise local esports ecosystems and spearhead community experiences in esports and gaming.

We're immensely proud to forge ahead in local and regional esports alongside our fellow PCS teams, with Riot Games and FunPlus Esports. First, Singapore clinches Silver and Bronze medals in SEA Games. Now, Resurgence represents Singapore in the inaugural Riot-organised regional league. More than ever, Singapore makes her mark on the international esports scene.

Resurgence is currently in the midst of rostering and planning for PCS. Watch our socials for updates, and catch you in the Rift!


About Resurgence:

Resurgence is the largest Singapore based professional esports organization with a training facility and office in Singapore. In 2018, Resurgence competed in over 60 tournaments, won 17 championship wins with 36 podium finishes and consistently qualified for premier & major tournaments regionally and globally including the 2018 Asian Games and the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon.

The brand is modelled after the concept of supporting and uplifting esports in Singapore and Southeast Asia to achieve stellar results. Their goal is to create exciting stories and sustainable careers for professional players and content creators.

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