Local esports outfit Resurgence releases “Rise”, first-ever uniquely Singaporean esports music video

Singapore - Local esports organisation Resurgence has released the first-ever Singaporean esports music video, entitled “Rise (Resurgence Official Anthem)”. The original music video was launched at Resurgence’s 2nd Anniversary celebration, held yesterday, and was produced by Resurgence in collaboration with Singaporean music producer Jeff Hue.

RISE (Official Resurgence Anthem) album art

Rise is the first collaboration of its kind here in Singapore and is Resurgence’s first foray into the music industry, representing a uniquely local take on blending esports and music. Spinning Hue’s signature electronic style with the vocal talents of Miea (a.k.a. Namie Rasman), Rise weaves an upbeat tapestry narrating the trials and triumphs of Resurgence and its players.

"Rise is a celebration of our journey and growth as an esports team and more importantly, that of our players,'' said Resurgence CEO and Founder Jayf Soh.

"Resurgence has always been focused on supporting and uplifting professional players and content creators within esports and Rise reflects this on multiple levels. Our players have achieved monumental success on regional and global stages over the last 2 years. Apart from celebrating these achievements and our progress, Rise also acknowledges that the journey of a professional player is a hard one and requires sacrifices. Resurgence also hopes that the message in Rise will inspire and resonate with aspirants and esports professionals all over the country."

Hue framed Rise as Resurgence’s anthem:

“We tried to write the lyrics in a way where members of the Resurgence family will be able to relate. I took inspiration from esports comebacks, where underdog teams overcame all odds to win. Rise hopes to inspire fortitude in adversity and emphasise the strength of the team.”

The Rise (Official Resurgence Anthem) soundtrack is available now on the music streaming website Bandcamp.

The Rise (Official Resurgence Anthem) music video, as launched at Resurgence’s 2nd Anniversary celebration on 20th Jun 2019, is available now on Youtube.


About Resurgence

Resurgence is the largest Singapore based professional esports organization with a training facility and office in Singapore. In 2018, Resurgence competed in over 60 tournaments, won 17 championships with 36 podium finishes and consistently qualified for premier & major tournaments regionally and globally including the 2018 Asian Games and the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon. The brand is modelled after the concept of supporting and uplifting esports in Singapore and Southeast Asia to achieve stellar results. We work to create exciting stories and sustainable careers for professional players and content creators. Find out more about Resurgence at www.resurgence.sg