How to become a pro esports player

The year and the decade are coming to an end, and it's been a good one! This year, Resurgence celebrated a slew of esports and gaming milestones with our players. 2020 is looking bright!

More than anything, we have our players to thank for walking with Resurgence in 2019. We understand that esports thrives when as many players as possible get the chance to prove their mettle, and while Resurgence may not be able to provide opportunities to all, we can certainly help everyone start.

How to Go Pro?

An overwhelming amount of enquiries we get are by people who have no idea where to start, and this is totally understandable. The glitz and glamour of established esports celebrities tends to overshadow the - often long and arduous - journey they took to get there.

Resurgence is always committed to opening a path for future esports celebrities, and sharing information is super important to this mission. This article explains one simple and practical way to get started in the esports scene, no matter what your game title is.

Pro tips for going pro, go!

Be seen

Get involved in any community tournaments or gatherings you can find in your area, and talk to people. Esports boasts a small community in most places, and especially so in Singapore. Chances are good that these events will have people from larger teams or organisations attending or helping out. Get to know them and along the way, they'll probably get to know you.

Events are happening all the time. They're great touchpoints between the industry and the public.

When you’ve established some rapport with the community and the professional teams of your game, you’re much more likely to get responses when you’re reaching out to these people.

Be known

You’re good at your game. Are you good enough to win tournaments? We hope so, because there are very few pro teams who will take someone without prior tournament experience. After all, being a pro player is a job. Why hire someone without qualifications or experience?

Tournaments happen a lot too.

The good news is, even winning small tournaments help a great deal to make you stand out above the deluge of aspiring pro players who have yet to accumulate any competitive experience. So don’t sit out of the next intra-faculty competition you hear about. Go grab that chance to prove your skills and pad your resume.

Be good at emails

While “being seen” and “being known” are fundamental parts of the path to pro, we’re including a last step because we’re Singaporean, and Singaporeans are kiasu. Maximise your chances! Canvassing for opportunities by cold-calling opens you up to hidden opportunities, and high-quality information shows teams you’re serious about your craft.

Who are you? What have you done? Why should we care? You have one email to bring your reputation and achievements together in a way that is clear and impactful, so make it count.

All roads lead to Rome

Of course, this isn’t the only path to success in esports, and it certainly doesn’t address other aspects of professional play which come after you’ve picked up by a team.

Regardless, if you don’t know where to start, this is one way to do so. It establishes basic connections, credentials and credibility within the community and maximises your chances of being noticed by a scouting team. You may not land yourself an offer first try, but take it from the ones who read your emails; you'll fare a lot better than someone without a plan.

Happy new year from the Resurgence family, and godspeed o7

See you in 2020.