Happy Birthday Resurgence!

Resurgence Turns 2

2 years might not seem much, but in an age where esports companies rise and fall within the span of months, 2 years means we’ve had that much more time to get established in the local scene as the iconic blue phoenix. Of course, many of our staff and players have been pushing esports in Singapore forward for a long time, been gamers for a long, long time, when the games were but child’s play. But all the while, we’ve been growing up.

Humble Beginnings

2 years ago, one of us had a vision of an esports organisation that offered reliable remuneration to players, catered to Singapore the way only Singaporeans can accomplish. An organisation that would provide its players the financial and administrative stepping stones to the world of esports. An organisation that would grow, branch out, and all the while uplift players all around the region.

This person was Jayf Soh, and his vision created Resurgence.

Resurging through the Times

Perhaps the best thing about getting older is looking back. When you’re in the thick of it, pulling all the loose ends together, pouring in the elbow grease, it’s hard to see progress. But here at Resurgence, we’ve learnt to trust the system. In fact, we’ve built a lot of it. The past 2 years, Resurgence has been hard at work localising professional gaming operations and systems in a sustainable, accountable structure. It’s a substantial accomplishment considering the unique challenges of being based in Singapore, and we’ve done much more than that.

  • Our full-time players enjoy some of the highest player salaries in Singapore, and this way, we’ve given many talented players the chance to pursue their esports careers at full steam.

  • We’ve leveraged our industry experience and given back to the community through outreach camps and workshops.

  • We’ve established ourselves as a reliable investment anchor for not just gaming brands in the region. Non-endemic brands are starting to notice esports, and notice Resurgence.

Unconventional is Fun

We’ve put in some incredibly hard work towards our cause here at Resurgence, but we’ve had a monumental amount of fun along the way as well.

We made one jersey, we got an office, then another jersey, then we made a music video. We’ve made our mark as an organisation that’s not afraid of the eccentric projects. After all, Resurgence was founded on the crazy notion that SEA’s best full-time esports players receive the support they deserve.

Thank You

These 2 years have taught us that the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. Resurgence has gotten to where it stands now with the kindness and confidence of people who believe in what we do. Every player under our banner, every manager, every partner has had a part in our success.

So thank you. You who believe in us, You who train for hours at your workstations, You who push through losses and celebrate clutch wins. You who wear our colours, who watch our streams.

Thanks to you, Resurgence as a team - as all its staff, players, partners and community members - has and will continue to blaze the esports trail, keeping the torch burning for esports players and aspirants all over the region.

See you next year, space cowboys.