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Since the introduction of Arena of Valor (AOV) in the Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines (MSP) region, we have been huge fans of the game and firm supporters of its' competitive scene as early adopters. Our inaugural team won the first ever Valor Cup back in 2017 at Comic Fiesta, Kuala Lumpur and we have never looked back since.

As we head into the pinnacle event of the year (AoV International Championship), we are pleased to announce our acquisition and support of 2 more AOV teams in the region, namely Clutch Guild from the Philippines and Noblesse from Singapore.

Clutch Guild (Philippines) is the region's defending champion having won the championship in Valor Cup 2 (AOV World Cup Qualifier). Their commitment to the game and their natural flair speaks for itself. We are extremely honoured that the champions placed their faith in us as an esports organization and we look forward to working with the team. This would also be our first foray into the Philippines market and serves as a good experience for us while we navigate the challenges in the Philippines esports scene together with Clutch Guild.

Resurgence x Clutch Guild

Closer to home, Noblesse (Singapore) is an up and coming team that took many by surprise with promising results. In the recently concluded Glory Cup organized by SCOGA and Garena, the team was able to secure a 3rd place finish with nail biting scorelines against the other teams. We firmly believe that this team has the potential to grow further and we hope to be the catalyst for their growth.

Noblesse (Singapore) at the AoV Glory Cup 2018

Meanwhile, our title of Malaysia's best AoV team will continue to be defended by our existing team of players as they continue to play under the team name Resurgence throughout the split. We look towards your continued support for Eugene "Aris" Ling and his team as they compete once more in the upcoming qualifiers.

Moving forward, our investment and effort to uphold the competitive landscape native to this region remains unwavering as we set out to compete in three vastly different scenes. We look towards having your support as we attempt the impossible: champions in every country.

The Resurgence Arena of Valor Division:

Stay tuned to our Facebook for more live updates on how our teams are doing as they compete in their respective country-based Valor Cup qualifiers this week!

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