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With over 125 million players worldwide, it is only natural for a forward looking and constantly evolving esports organization to pick up a team in the popular Battle Royale game "Fortnite".

Given the game's increasing popularity amongst youth globally along with the announcement of over $100 million "Fortnite World Cup", we decided it is time to venture into the competitive Fortnite and are pleased to announce the Resurgence Fortnite Division.

From left: RSG Kiap, RSG Salvestro, RSG DeVz, RSG Hatella, RSG Sindrax

Jayf "Babael" Soh - Resurgence CEO:

"We are fortunate to acquire such a talented squad of Singaporean players. I believe with the hype centered around the game, the competitive aspect of the game will pick up very soon. I hope our early entry into competitive Fortnite will allow us to better understand and support aspiring Fortnite pro players in Southeast Asia."

Devan "DeVz" Gurung - Captain:

I am honoured to be able to represent Resurgence in Fortnite and progress forward together with my fellow teammates. With the wonderful support from the Resurgence family, the team is very well motivated, striving to be the best in the region. On behalf of the team, I hope that everyone will continue to support us and we will not let you down!

Stay tuned to our Facebook for more live updates on how our players are doing!

Other details:

1. The roster recently took part in Fortnite Asia (Community) friendly duo tournament where RSG DeVz and RSG Salvestro beat the Cloud9 Korean team in kill difference.

2. RSG DeVz and RSG Kiap will be participating in The Ammunition Cup 2v2 happening on 1st September. Watch the game here!

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